Sterile Aerobic Fermentor Cell Culture System

Field Bio-Process’ SPAG System is a patent pending high yield sterile cell culture system using gamma irradiated plastic bioreactor that has exceptional gas transfer efficiency.  Unlike Stirred Tank Reactor (STR) with damaging impeller inside, SPAGS is simple, clean, durable, safe to operate, and safe to harvest system.  


Key benefit of SPAGS are:

  1. No mechanical parts inside the bioreactor.  This eliminates D.O. measuring feedback loop, and the complexity of operational control.

  2. No Stainless Steel tank enclosure that adds cost to the plant, that is not durable for salty culture fluid.

  3. No connector used to potentially expose the inside of the plumbing to outside elements.  TPE tubings are sealed or welded by sterile welder. (hands free)

  4. The system uses single use Bioreactor for multiple harvests using continuous culture environment.  This system enables the use of SPAGS continuously for years, between the failures.

  5. Compared to any other equipment that does the same in the world, it is most economical, quick to install to operation, and arguably the safest system available.  The potential maximum yield is beyond the capability of any STR the same size.

  6. Modular design eliminates the cross contamination of different tanks, that minimize the interruption in case of tank failure.

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