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DHA synthase enzyme production license

9 GOOD REASONS to adopt FPN Technology for feed additive production:

  1. Extreme short supply of DHA and DHA synthase enzyme in our global food chain

  2. Feed supply needs to be sustainable, rather than wild caught source of ingredients

  3. Prevailing DHA production technology needs metal fermenters that costs time and money

  4. The cost to produce DHA rich algae needs to be cheap, and one cannot afford without our low cost solution.

  5. The time to build sufficient capacity should not be calculated in years.  FBP can build such plants in a matter of months, not years.

  6. FPN, the maker of SmartZYME™ the DHA synthase enzyme laden biomass is proving the production and sale of biomass.

  7. With this disruptive technology, the low cost of DHA in our food chain will make the fish oil DHA obsolete.

  8. Production capacity is linearly expandable

  9. License turn-key operation complete with FPN’s knowledge and experience in growth formula.