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Licensing Opportunity

Plant Engineering

Growth Formula 

Biomass Inoculant

FBP will deliver the DHA algae farm production plant as Turn-key. These include following services.

  • Real Estate Development,

  • Hire Local Architect, Engineer, to lay out the plan

  • Design the plant

  • Plant Location

  • Obtain Permit and License

  • Ground Preparation 

  • Building

  • Infrastructure 

  • Procurement of SPAGS, equipments and facility.

  • Centrifuge Installation

  • Sterilizer Installation and initial clean up

  • Post process Treatment and discharge permit

  • Commissioning

  • Assist local hiring and training of operators

FPN grows its own biomass and inoculant and will transfer growth formula to licensees

  • Services include:

    • Start-Up Sequencing

    • Inoculant Transfer and Inoculation Services

    • Nutrient Bag

    • Documentation

    • Operational Training

    • Service Support

      System Update

  • Yield Improvement Service

  • Other Omega 3 species development 

  • Other material/species development upon request

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