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Single Use Bioreactor that is used perpetually with multiple batch harvests.

SPAGS w_SmartZYME.jpg

Gamma irradiated plastic bag reactors sold as single use bioreactor.  SPAGS is a single use bioreactor.

At this time, SPAGS are not recyclable. In other words, it is not reclaimable as sterile after use. Make no mistake. Manufacturers want to sell more bags than needed. Then who can take responsibility of repeated, and prolonged operation?

We do.     

We do guarantee because we have acquired know-how to do it.

Now that we are confident in telling we had figured it out, we are guaranteeing multiple harvest.

Contamination reclamation.

Issues with existing fittings and connectors: 

Have you seen biologicals accumulate at nooks and crannies. bathroom tiles, rims around the fittings, around the grout, etc. Imagine they are inside the plumbing, and you cannot see. Disinfecting the inside the plumbing, we found it almost impossible. let alone reclaiming SPAGS.  You must go through with the process of elimination.  You will end up eliminating number of components. This process takes time and money.  Imagine you start with unknown number of hot spots to clean.  The time you lose is the business you lose.  You have to start with the clean SPAGS. Clean Tubings, and clean fittings.  No human hands.  Verification each steps.  Manufacturers will not give you any know hows.

Many business large and s mall failed along the way.  Hundreds of millions lost long the way.  Don’t be fooled by the seemingly easy task.  It isn’t.  It is worse than debugging the codes.

Feeding and Harvesting Formula

Available from FPN

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